I live and work full time in Missouri and I have experienced two years of worst case scenarios, which I am done with figuring it out by myself. I have 5 online installment loans; 2,800 with Rise (425/mo@24mo & paid off multiple previous loans over 2 years), 3,000 with CashCall (390/mo@47mo & paid 12mo so far), 800 with OnlineApplyAdvance.com (220/mo@7mo & paid off multiple previous loans over 2 years), 1,700 with Speedy Cash Online (260/mo@18mo & paid off multiple previous loans over 2 years), 800 with SpotLoan (280/mo@4mo & about to make 1st payment). Also, I have 5 store payday loans out which I have cycled for almost 2 full years now, with the beginning thought that it was short term help; 500 with Check Smart, 500 with Advance America, 500 with Check Into Cash, 500 with American Payday Loan, 400 with Star Loans. I have not missed any payments, however the final blow of a gap in employment a few months ago was my breaking point with my own stupidity. I will be missing payments now and I need to make a repayment, forgiveness, battle plan. I've learned every possible lesson from this experience and I'm done. I have moved to a smaller home now and I am ready for change, however my back is against the wall.

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You know where you went wrong. What were you thinking when you were applying for so many payday loans. As far as Cash Call is concerned, did you borrow the loan from Western Sky? Western Sky is not legal payday loan lender.
Have you started talking about the repayment plans with legal odl lenders?

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