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5 Ways lawyers did good for people during the pandemic
Updated on: 5th Aug, 2020

We are in the second half of 2020, but the pandemic is still in its hyper-active mode. No one knows when this pandemic will have mercy on people, and leave this world. COVID-10 has created an unprecedented time in the history of mankind. People are losing lives and livelihoods every day. They are tr...

Sued for credit card debt? Here's what you must do now
Updated on: 4th Jun, 2020

Do you have unpaid credit card dues? If yes, then you might be getting calls from your credit card company to make the necessary payments asap! Usually, the credit card companies will reach out to you when you don’t make any payment for almost 30 days from the original due date! And once you...

Can you file a lawsuit for emergency room overcharges?
Updated on: 19th Aug, 2019

Nerdwallet Health has found that people in America pay 3 times more in medical debt than other debts. And, surprisingly, medical debt is rising every year. To find the reason behind this, the Nerdwallet has discovered that more than 90% of hospital bills are full of errors. And, the errors are typic...

What can you do when a hospital sues you for medical bills? Know your rights
Updated on: 18th Apr, 2019

Are you facing trouble paying your hospital bill? Has your hospital filed a lawsuit against you? If yes, then you must be worried about your medical debt. But, each problem has a solution, and this is not an exception. However, to give a medical debt a miss, you have to be aware of your rights. Othe...

What will stop a lawsuit? Debt consolidation or bankruptcy?
Updated on: 21st Jan, 2019

What will stop a lawsuit? Debt consolidation or bankruptcy? Bankruptcy and debt consolidation are both very effective debt relief options. But, what if you are ongoing a lawsuit? What will be better for you then? What has the power to stop a lawsuit, bankruptcy, or debt consolidation? Read to know!!...

What happens when bankruptcy and divorce clash?
Updated on: 6th Dec, 2018

Right now, I am very confused, as in, what to begin with. Bankruptcy or divorce? Both are difficult situations, and both have emotions attached to them! This topic is intense! I will try to be as much lucid as possible in explaining the situations through a written content! Believe it or not, t...

Do you have to go to court if you are not served?
Updated on: 25th Oct, 2018

I got this question a few months back. This is a very common query and I feel it needs to be addressed. Problem: I have a court date without being served. Yesterday, I received a call from a law firm. They have filed a collection case against me. They asked me to be there in the court...

Who is responsible for the household payments during a divorce?
Updated on: 27th Jul, 2018

The separation agreement can create an overwhelming financial time for you. Living apart while legally married can create financial confusion. You or your spouse can deny paying bills during separation. But, before you know which household bills you are supposed to pay, you shouldn’t stop pay...

Spousal support: How can you secure the alimony?
Updated on: 13th Jun, 2018

Getting alimony or spousal support is an ambiguous subject for people. Due to ignorance on this subject, many people suffer financially.People don’t know that they can get alimony even after the death of the payor spouse. Even, a spouse can get the unpaid alimony after the death of the ex-spouse. ...

Do you need an attorney to settle your debts?
Updated on: 11th Jun, 2018

Are you struggling with debts? Are you wondering if it will be good to hire an attorney to settle your debts? If so, then don’t hesitate anymore because there are several benefits of working with a debt settlement attorney. Wondering what those reasons are? Here are a few of them.1. Can show you t...

Last Updated on: 16 Apr 2018