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My perception is, there shouldn’t be one particular day for celebrating love. Each and every day gives you the opportunity to make your special one happier. It doesn’t mean you’ve to buy expensive gifts or arrange surprises on a daily basis. For instance, if you’re suffering from a headache and your spouse applies the balm on your head and puts off the lights saying “ dear, you must sleep earlier”, then this is a more expensive gift than anything.

However, each year we love to celebrate love on 14th February in the name of St. Valentine. Like every celebration, gift takes a vital part of this day.

First of all, selecting a gift totally depends on your choice. But in case, you’re stuck or looking for inexpensive gift ideas due to a credit crunch, then you may read this article. I hope you’ll find some useful ideas.

Nothing is more lovely than a perfect start of a morning. I think you’re thinking the same thing that I have in my mind. Yes! A perfect breakfast can make your day. Make a cup of Nutella hot chocolate, or tangy tomato soup with grilled sandwiches or whatever your spouse likes to eat. Your Valentine’s Day morning will shine brighter than the sunshine.

A list of gift ideas for Him and Her are listed here, take a look:

Gifts for her

1. Arrange a backyard movie for her

Nothing can be more enjoyable than spending a cozy evening in your own place. You can turn your own backyard into a fantastic Valentine spot to spend a romantic evening with your partner. Place cozy blanket or sofa with numbers of cushions. Use hanging lights for decorating the place. Rent an outdoor movie screen and play her favorite movies. Don’t forget to keep her favorite drinks and flowers.

2. Cook for her

Instead of going to the crowded restaurants on Valentine’s Day, try to cook a meal for her. You can cook her favorite dishes and arrange a candle light dinner in your own home. Moreover, the homemade special menu will go perfectly with the romantic ambiance you’ve created in your backyard.

3. Give her a customized photo frame

I know you’ve many framed photos in your house, but, do you have a frame that is customized? If no, then pick this option. There are many websites for customizing photos. You just need to upload a photo and turn into a canvas painting or an acrylic using the tool available on the website. It’s very easy and takes a few minutes as well. Just choose a photograph that she loved, it can be a place you’ve visited together, a place where you proposed her, etc. The gift will look very artistic as well.

4. Gift a box of chocolate with a heart filled with love

A box of exotic truffle chocolates will surely win her heart on Valentine’s Day. It’s an evergreen gift that costs $45-50 with ample of varieties. So, you can definitely go for this option to make her happy.

5. Create a mixtape for her

She loves music, right? So, why don’t you just create a playlist for her? You can make a mixtape with songs that she loves most or from the time when your relationship started. Upload them in her iPod or music streaming account.

Gifts for him

1. Organize a love-hunt for him

Start by sending a text to his phone. Text him the clue. Keep texting him about next clues that can be found all over the house. Give a hint about the surprise with each clue. Write on paper about the surprise and attach it to a cushion or flower vase. Finally, unveil the surprise to him. The surprise can be a special bar counter, a well-decorated dinner table filled with his favorite dishes, a ring, etc. Just use your imagination for giving the best ever surprise to him.

2. Leave a sign of your love all over the house

How? It’s easy girl! Write ‘I Love You’ using lipstick on the car windows, bathroom mirror, rear view mirror, and so on. Stick love notes all over the house or tape notes to the car’s steering telling the reason why you love him. You can definitely find a sweet smile on his lips.

3. Enjoy a picnic at your home’s floor

Order food from a restaurant and enjoy a picnic on your living room floor. Your kids will also love this idea and will learn the value of family and marriage.

4. Gift a bottle of his favorite wine

Giving a perfect bottle of wine is a gift that will never go old. You know what his favorite wine is. So, buy a bottle of wine and give it with a bunch of flowers.

5. Give a travel destination map

If he has a passion for traveling, then you can give him a traveler map set where state capitals, major cities, and highways are perfectly highlighted.

6. Give happy glasses

Spread some good vibes on Valentine’s Day. Buy 2 or 3 glasses with messages like "you're the reason of my smile", "thanks for being you", etc. This will make him happy every day.

Final thoughts

I think love and flaunting go hand, in hand and that is the reason why Facebook is so hell popular these days. Just like we love to see the peacock flaunting his vibrant feathers; people also love to flaunt their relationship, which is not bad. But, you must flaunt your love within your means. You love your wife or girlfriend but that doesn't mean you have to hire a limo to take her to a cruise for Valentine’s Day celebration. You can make her happy in other ways as well. Just explore the ways and celebrate the day of love, relationship, and romance in a thoughtful way.

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