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Is that a debt collector calling you? What should you say to him?
Updated on: 22nd Jun, 2020

Calls from debt collectors can spoil your mood and jeopardize your financial life. However, learning how to handle these calls and what to say and not to say can help you avoid financial troubles, legal issues, and emotional stress. This post is all about that. What should you do when you receive a...

Debt settlement attorneys: What they do and how can they help you?
Updated on: 30th Apr, 2020

As time gets harder and tougher for the US debtors, an increasingly large number of debtors are turning to credit card debt settlement as the best way to put an end to their financial trouble. When the debtors pull out their finances and see that it is impossible for them to repay the entire amount...

How Can You Get Instant Debt Relief Amidst Coronavirus Pandemic?
Updated on: 29th Apr, 2020

The economic situation in the country is horrendous right now. All thanks to the COVID-19 outbreak worldwide. Most companies are either shut down or employees are working from home. Economic growth has stalled, and no one knows when the situation will improve. Many have lost their jobs. Others are ...

Do you want to live a debt-free life in 2020? Here's how to
Updated on: 10th Mar, 2020

The Boston-based Fidelity Investments had conducted an online survey about financial resolution among a huge number of people recently. According to that survey, 84% of people have confirmed that they are looking for saving more in the New Year 2020. They are not interested in taking out loans or i...

7 Financial resolutions to help you ensure a debt-free life
Updated on: 3rd Jan, 2020

The New Year is rolling around the corner. People are done with all the celebrations and fun! Many of you must be busy with checking the credit card statements or other pending bills. Since many people had planned their holidays on their credit cards, now they have to repay the bills in full and wit...

Zombie debt: What tricks do debt scavengers apply and how to cope up
Updated on: 20th Sep, 2019

You can be tricked into repaying some old debts that might have been crossed the SOL (Statute of Limitations) or have been written off. Many debt collectors are tricking consumers to snatch the money. You could be one of them if you don’t know how to deal with the zombie debt and fraud debt collec...

Why is Debt Settlement not done, till done professionally?
Updated on: 10th Sep, 2019

You must have thought of settling your debts, if you believe that paying off the total debt amount is not falling under your affordability, and/or the debt is a high priority obligation for you.You have thought it the right way, I must say. Not all debts are required to be paid off in full. It is an...

Make your way to a good debt settlement!
Updated on: 8th Aug, 2019

Debt settlement gives you the opportunity to pay off your debts, by only paying a lump sum on the total owed amounts.This ‘lump sum’ is a very interesting and intriguing word, that attracts many consumers into the field of debt settlement. But, if you are not careful enough, and can’t do settl...

7 Tips to save money while settling debts
Updated on: 18th Jul, 2019

Debt settlement is an efficient approach by which you need to pay a fraction of your debt amount. It is a convenient way with which you can get rid of huge debt within a very short time. Your outstanding balance can be reduced by 40-60% of the debt you need to pay. However, the process of negotiatio...

Planning to consolidate debts? Forget these 9 myths first
Updated on: 28th Jun, 2019

Is debt making your life painful, miserable, and expensive? If so, then you have a small share in the country’s $4 trillion consumer debt, which is affecting both the rich and poor. In the last 3 months of 2018, American consumers have increased credit card debt by almost $26 billion. According ...

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