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Created By : Stacy B Miller
On 8th Feb,17
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If you’re single on Valentine’s Day, don’t let anyone make you feel bad about it

Being single and alone sucks on the Valentine’s Day. It hurts more when you’re 50+ and still don’t have a partner. It’s easy to tell you to love yourself and chill. But, I know this won’t make you feel good. So here I’m with a bucket of 10 tips that can help you celebrate Valentine’s day with full fervor.

10 Tips to enjoy Valentine’s Day when you’re 50+

1. Organize a party at your home:

So what you don’t have a partner. You can still enjoy Valentine’s Day with your friends. If you can celebrate Christmas or Thanksgiving Day with your friends, then why not VDay? Cook delicious meals, drink cocktails and share a hearty laughter with your friends.

2. Watch good movies:

Good movies and good food can inject happiness even to the dullest days. So, cook something elaborate for yourself. Cook a favorite dish for yourself. Once done, sit in front of your TV and watch recent blockbusters. Stay away from romantic movies.

3. Don’t drink too much:

Don’t feel depressed and drink too much. Remember, it’s better to be single than be in a wrong relationship. A bad partner would make your life hell. You’re better off alone. Just think you’re waiting for the right partner with whom you can share everything. The day he/she arrives, you’ll celebrate Valentine’s Day every day.

4. Sleep:

Dive into a long and deep sleep. Switch off your phone and television so that nobody disturbs you.

5. Walk on the beach:

Do you love walking on the beach? If so, then this is the right day to do it. Walk on the empty beach and take a bath in the sea. Carry a small picnic basket and have a yummy lunch.

6. Finish all the big tasks:

Clean your house on the Valentine’s Day. Clean your garage. Throw away the storage boxes. Throw away all the unnecessary things.

7. Do creative activities:

Create something positive. It will help you discard all your negative feelings. Bake if you love baking. Paint if you like artistic creations.

8. Have a nice meal at restaurants:

You want to have a eat out? Go to your favorite restaurant and have a yummy meal. Listen to your heart. Don’t think about others. Don’t look at other couples and feel jealous. You have gone to the restaurant to eat food. So focus on that.

9. Buy flowers:

So what if there is no one to gift you flowers? If your mood becomes good after buying flowers, then go to the florist and buy them. Also, read - Money saving ideas for Valentine’s Day flower gift

10. Don’t call your ex:

You might remember your ex-girlfriend/boyfriend/husband/wife a lot on this day. You might miss them on this special day. But even then, don’t call them if they aren’t part of your life anymore. It won’t do any good to you.

Last but not the least

Stay away from Facebook please on February 14. It will remind you what you’re missing out in your life - a partner. Your newsfeed will be flooded with romantic posts. Your friends and relatives will share pictures of their sweethearts. This would generate an inferior complex which wouldn’t be good for you.

Last Updated on: Wed, 8 Feb 2017