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Defend and win the lawsuit: Tips to follow when sued for loan default
Updated on: 4th Apr, 2016

What recourse do you have, if you're sued by a debt collector? At first instance, it might be overwhelming for you, but believe me, it would just another normal working day for the courts and that they'll have to repeat the same mundane task of presiding over such hearings. Basically, a lot of debt ...

Easy tips to begin a joyous New Year
Updated on: 4th Apr, 2016

Everyone makes resolutions at the start of each year. Hardly anyone is able to stick to it. But you can! The simplest way is to start with your finances. With your finances right, 2014 couldn't get better. Fact remains, this country is 11.3 trillion dollars in debt with 856 dollars in credit cards ...

What should youths do to get back money from friends without a lawsuit?
Updated on: 4th Apr, 2016

Yesterday was the International Youth Day. It is the day to commemorate the potentiality of youth as significant contributors to today's society. Youths shoulder a big responsibility and that is to help the nation reach pinnacle of success. But what if they themselves are entangled in financial prob...

Tax filing - Important and useful aspects you need to know
Updated on: 4th Apr, 2016

The period from mid of March to mid of April is one of the stressful times for most of the people since you need to file your tax return. However, a little knowledge can make your tax filing comparatively easy. You can go through this article in order to clear some jargons and avoid committing certa...

Ways to manage your business smartly and reduce money worries
Updated on: 4th Apr, 2016

You're running a small business and have borrowed a lot of money for setting it up. Now you have incurred debt due to borrowing huge amount. This situation is very common these days when you want to be an entrepreneur while having poor knowledge on managing money. Make sure , if you want your busine...

Should you discuss your financial struggles with your kids?
Updated on: 4th Apr, 2016

Let's say you are suffering from some kind of financial crunches. Perhaps your spouse has been laid off, or maybe you've a large amount of medical bills, or monthly mortgage pending. Whatever the situation might be, it's undoubtedly getting on your nerves. But you are not sure if you should share th...

Budgeting marvel on Mother's Day: Turning cheap foods into delectables
Updated on: 4th Apr, 2016

Mother’s Day is round the corner and if you’re planning to make your mom feel special on this day, but are wary of your tight budget, then you need to think again. This is because you can use some of the cheapest foods possible to be used for that special day’s brunch, even though they’re so...

Review your debt resolutions: What will make me successful in 2014?
Updated on: 4th Apr, 2016

Like lots of people, you too must have made some New Year’s resolutions of your own. If so, then you’re amongst the 40 percent of your fellow countrymen to have done that. More so, the grim economic climate of the nation doesn’t come as a surprise for you after having made promises to your own...

Healthy diet in college: How to optimize both your budget and appetite
Updated on: 4th Apr, 2016

Time being tough, it is but obvious to witness financial crunch in a lot of people, especially the young, financially vulnerable group, college students. Therefore, here are some guidelines to help students like you and all others making their living on a budget to eat healthy, palatable food, yet a...

Save more this year with less expenditure
Updated on: 4th Apr, 2016

Yes, it is possible to continue or make a fresh start this year with less expenditure and more savings. If you're wondering how to do so, then remember that savings directly depends on how less you're spending. Therefore, it is a prerequisite to plan a fresh new budget this year. Along with that, ch...

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