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Thank you dad for being the best financial teacher in this world!
Updated on: 4th Apr, 2016

Father is the first man in a daughter's life. He has a great influence on the daughter's perception about life, men and everything else. In fact, he sets an example for the daughter on how to build life and I'm no exception. I share a beautiful relationship with my dad. He is the first and perhap...

Save money within 5 minutes to spice up your personal life – 4 Tips to follow
Updated on: 4th Apr, 2016

So you're very busy in striking a balance between your professional and personal life? You hardly have time to peep into your checkbook and track your finances. In the meanwhile, you've already checked the "newsfeed" in your Facebook at least 5 times while returning from office. You've liked your fr...

Warning signs that you are drowning in debt
Updated on: 4th Apr, 2016

A lot of American consumers pile up credit card debt recklessly. They are simply oblivious to the perilous situation they are in. This is rather unfortunate because the warning signs are all around them. All they need to do is to analyze their situation carefully. Things might go out of control if y...

Is it possible to save considerable amount by trimming some of your expenses?
Updated on: 4th Apr, 2016

Everyone wants to save hard-earned dollars but might not be successful in doing that. However, it is not so hard to trim some of your expenses which you can do without. Here are some tips and strategies to reduce certain expenses and save more money every month. Learn effective budgeting techniques...

Frugality can be the key to financial freedom you always wanted
Updated on: 4th Apr, 2016

Frugal living mainly means living on less to make your life better and easier. There is difference in being frugal and in being cheap. Frugal does not essentially mean miser. Saving money is best when you are actually doing it for a good purpose, for your family and for your future. However this doe...

5 Incredible ways to change the savings scenario and build your confidence
Updated on: 4th Apr, 2016

The importance of savings happens to be one of those things that's rampantly highlighted especially when it comes to having a healthy financial life. Now, there are undoubtedly multiple ways by which you can save money if you really wish to, but at the same time you should have a clear idea about ho...

Simple budgeting tips to avoid desperate debt relief measures
Updated on: 4th Apr, 2016

‘I wish I had planned my monthly budgets earlier!’ This is what you end up saying every time after you face a severe financial crisis due to some insensible overspending. Well, lamentations and last minute sighs never help in resolving problems. If you sit back and think nothing is going to hap...

Being frugal does not mean you are cheap and miser – There is a fine line between the two
Updated on: 4th Apr, 2016

There's a difference between being miser and being frugal. A frugal person cuts down frivolous expenses, sticks to budget and save money. On the other hand, a person labeled as miser wouldn't pay a premium price irrespective of the quality of service. Warren Buffet is considered as a frugal perso...

Turkey dishes with a twist - Relish holidays with the king of the feast within budget
Updated on: 4th Apr, 2016

It has become almost impossible to think about holidays without having a grand feast. And turkey is considered as the most traditional centre dish on Thanksgiving table. But why turkey? Why not ham, goose, duck etc. Well, the story goes like this, "The First Thanksgiving" feast was held between the ...

Avoid stepping into the debt relief scams
Updated on: 4th Apr, 2016

In this tough economic climate the number of companies attempting to take advantage of consumers in difficult financial straits has drastically increased. This means consumers in debt have to take more steps to protect themselves at a time when they need to be able to trust both those trying to coll...

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