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Created By : Symon Roger
On 20th Dec,16
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December is a special month for all the girls. After all, it is the month to bake cookies, watch movies, spend time with family, shop from favorite stores, have delicious food, laugh with friends and share special moments with spouse. It is the month to forget all the worries and focus on having a great time with friends. It is also the month to take care of budgets since no one wouldn't even dream of beginning the new year with debts.

Unfortunately, a lot of girls forget about the budgeting part during the festive season and spend credit cards without doing any calculations. This hurts them badly and they get into a severe financial crisis post Christmas.

If you don't want to compromise on the fun part without exhausting your savings, then try to use plastic cards wisely. Apart from that, check out my Christmas bucket list minutely. I'm sure you won't regret it.

Christmas bucket list - What women can do to enjoy within budget

Here are some few tips you can use to enjoy Christmas within budget.

1. Throw a girl's party

Are you single and not ready to mingle? Do you have a few friends who don't want to date right now? Well, in that case, throw a girl's party on December 25, 2014 in your house to have an exciting Christmas. The theme of the party would be to "try out new things". You're allowed to do whatever you feel like as long as it is not too risky. You can eat whatever you can, drink like you have never before, dance like a mad girl, and many more things. Just enjoy the party as much you can to have a memorable Christmas.

2. Buy budget-friendly gifts

Christmas is the time to get gifts for your loved ones - friends, kids, parents, spouses, etc. Usually, girls love this festive season especially because they get a chance to indulge into their favorite activities - shopping.

As we approach the festive season with Christmas only 1 month away, here are some budget-friendly gifts you can give to your loved one without wasting time, energy and money.

(a) Give a bubble bath to your sweetie: Have you ever given a bubble bath to little daughter? Well, if you haven't, then you've surely missed pure happiness and bliss. Little girls just love to get pampered and bubble bath. Just decorate the bathtub before her bath time. Draw her favorite cartoon characters on the bath tub. Use her favorite shower gel and give her nice and warm bath. Your daughter will love you all the more and plant kisses on your cheek.

(b) Give a movie gift card to your parents: Now, you might not have thought about it, but do you honestly have a good idea how expensive it can be for your parents to go for a movie together? Well, movie tickets are costly nowadays. So, if you want your parents to have a nice time together, then give them movie gift cards. Let them watch a movie of their choice within a budget. Make them feel happy and independent in this Christmas.

(c) Buy a nice purse for your friend: You can just win your best friend's heart with a nice purse. Browse shopping websites and find out the best deals on purse. If you find out a nice purse that fits your budget, then place a order as soon as possible.

(d) Buy bath accessories for your spouse: Do you want to give a different gift to your spouse? If yes, then make a basket full of bath accessories for your spouse. It's a myth that only girls love to look pretty and get pampered. Men also want to take care of their skin and look good. Your spouse will love the fact that you made an effort to make the basket with best bath accessories. He will remember this gift for a very long period of time. Besides, you'll also feel happy to know that your spouse will remember and feel you every time he takes a bath.

3. Play secret Santa with your university friends

This idea works best when you want to enjoy Christmas with your university friends within a budget. In this game, you don't have to buy gifts for all your friends. You can just buy a gift for only one friend and that too within a price limit. The fun part comes when you get a surprise gift and have to identify your 'Secret Santa'.

What else you can do in this Christmas

Cook a complete Christmas dinner from scratch for your friends and family. All these years, your friends and family members have given you delicious treats during Christmas. Now, it's your turn to return the favor. Decide a menu and bring out all the cooking utensils. If it is your first time, then there are high chances to make mistakes. Don't worry. If you need any help, you can check out the budget-friendly recipes from cooking websites. If this doesn't help, then you can always call your mother and clear all your doubts.

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