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Created By : Stacy B Miller
On 4th Apr,16
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Retail sales are supposed to increase in November and December by 4.1%, figuring 19% of the industry's yearly annual sales, as per statements from The National Retail Federation. However, gigantic sale projection for retailers don't mean you have to max out your budget in order to catch the tempo of the holiday action. In fact, the retailers are very aware of the fact that the economic collapse and the lagging recovery is still fresh among most American's minds, and hence they are keeping their budgets tight. Hence, retailers are cooking some other kind of recipes to keep consumers engaged during the holidays. For the consumers, here are some tips to cash in on savings by looking for deals in the right places.

1. Go online: You don't need to go out in the freezing cold to have a head-smacking deal during the holidays. With growing competition among retailers, the best discounts are now available online. Again, after the enticing offers by the online giants like Amazon, eBay and H&M, the traditional brick-and-mortar shops are bound to take the same road to sustain. Hence, now you are getting top deals from both the online and traditional retailers online and delivered at your doorsteps. What you just need is a computer and internet connection. No frostbite or stampeding required.

2. Make the most of the online resources: If you are shopping online, make themost of it by purchasing from portals like FatWallet or to ensure additional saving through cash back and promo codes.

Also, download the top shopping and couponing apps in order to maximize your holiday budget. Make use of apps like Poachlt and ShopTagr in order to track prices and setting alerts. These two apps are really effective and makes sure the advertised deals are really good buys. You can also install a price comparison app like PriceGabber so that you never miss a better deal elsewhere. Lastly, check for coupon codes on RetailMeNot or CouponFollow. If you want to earn some savings, have patience. Take the time to go through all these before you make any purchase.

3. Keep an eye on social media: Stay on top of the latest promotions by following the Facebook or Twitter page of your favorite retailer. For instance, is offering 55% off select Sony Blu-Ray disc players, and you could only get to know about this via followig their Facebook page. Following stores on various social platforms is the best way to keep a track on this kind of deals from retailers big and small. Some even offer special discounts on purchases when you click on a special link on the Facebook or Twitter page.

4. Stock up: Take advantage of this holiday period and the promotional offers. Shop now for discounted items that you'll need throughout the year and pile up. Later you can use those either for your own or for someone else and on some other occasion.

5. Catch up with the credit card rewards: Check with your credit card companies to see what rewards offers do they have on this holiday season. Also, ask if they have any individual offers. American Express is once again sponsoring Small Business Saturday, offering card members up to $30 cash back when they shop at select small businesses. All purchases from Amazon and Zappos and through Chase Freedom will see a 5% cashback throughout the end of the year. Is your credit card company offering anything?

6. Research: Not every Black Friday or Cyber Monday deal is smoking hot. Do your research beforehand so to ensure you're getting some kind of actual savings. November and December are months for offers on bikes, kids' toys, tools, small consumer electronics, TVs and other home appliances. But put your hands off items that that you don't see giving any kind of actual discounts until later in the New Year - like furnishings, skis, cruises, baggage and jewellery.

Whatever savings or discounts you might be getting, no discount is worth acquiring debt you can't afford to repay. Save yourself from getting into debt while trying to have some good savings.

Last Updated on: Mon, 4 Apr 2016