Am severly disabled and treating grave illness. On promise within a week of loan from family to make significant pharmacy purchase, took 3, low balance payday advances, online. By the next month, family assistance fell through, leaving me with unmanagable debt. Had to take another pdl to make the others. Plus one lender offered discount on first loan, but initiated ACH prior to due date, requiring new loan at excessive rate, because they had cleaned checking account. Have a refund coming from another source...had hoped to combine this amount with equal amount from month's income - SSDI to dig out. NOT EVEN CLOSE. Pennsylvania resident, SS disability beneficiary - obviously credit is trashed or wouldn't need vultures who have sold/given name to other vultures, who have verified my bank account without my permission. Have been solicited for consolidation services; were misleading and not willing to answer my questions. Gave min information. They had anyway. To help me by reducing amount to 20% total interest: calculation based on balance at NEXT payment and $100 fee for each account to "verify" (can see on my bank record these orgs have already dug into my account to confirm, and knew full details of loans. Repeatedly asked for catch, additional charges: was not until all other information was completed, give details about letting pdl's fee add on one more time and adding the $100 per account. @ this calculus, repayment was not reduced to principle + 20% - but nearly triple the principle. NOT helpful. Cannot make payments also due to new landlord's plan to renovate property, includes vacating. Since I am unable to do this physically, will need every cent to pay for help to move, obviously family is unreliable and out of state. next step is homeless ness. or death. Anything availabloe to me?

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What I see your circumstances are really grave and pissing you off. You're severely disabled and treating grave illness. You took 3 payday advances and struggling to pay them off. You've ZERO family assistance and your checking account has been completely cleaned. Though you're an SS disability beneficiary, due to your landlord's plan to renovate property you're feeling insecure.

Trust me, you need serious and professional help. We can help you settle all your payday loans. We can even help you to build your credit to some extent by expert suggestion. But we are unable to help you with your homeless situation. Feel free to call us at 800 530 6854. We’d be happy to help you.

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