Everyday I come across advertisements that say to settle credit card debts so I thought there must be some lawyer involved in the procedure. Is it really possible to accrue thousands of dollars and then settle it only by paying far less than the original amount? Are these entities just scamming people who are already under tremendous financial stress? Can I settle my debt without hiring he services of a settlement company? Or, should I prepare a competent budget and pay it off?

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You can negotiate with the credit card companies yourself and settle on something. But if you hire the services of a debt settlement company, they can do it for yourself, and as they are experienced and effective in doing these, they can save more than what you might have saved by negotiating yourself. However, nowadays, there are lots of scam companies out there. So know in details about a company before reaching out to them.

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Last Updated on: Fri, 8 Jun 2018

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