My Business is a victim of a fraud from a person that doing business with me
with my company but he is overseas, outside US, he supposed to fulfill
the client
orders but apparently he was not doing it at all, all the clients
money already sent to him but he did not fulfill the clients orders,
so now I end up with chargebacks from clients in my company paypal
account and I want him to take responsible for this. so is there
anyway you can help me with this? total chargebacks is around $28000.
so I need to recover that money. is there any civil rights for me to
not paying that? or is there anyway to protect me if the debt
collectors come?

Another thing also I'm doing a joint venture with one of company is
Pakistan and I have agreement letter and all proof of sending money to
them like invoices and stuff. but apparently they don't do their job
as they state on the agreement which is not fulfill all the order was
receive. and now end up also with chargebacks from clients through my
merchant account. I have lay down all the lost and money that need to
recover from them, is around $17558, to cover all the chargebacks and
some money that they borrow from me. my question for this case also
the same is there any way that you can help me so I don't take this
responsible to pay this chargebacks? and also is there anyway to
protect me from paying the chargebacks?

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Whether you are liable or not for paying the charge-backs completely depends on what was written in the original business agreement. However, since this is a clear case of forgery, you should talk to a criminal defense attorney. Moreover, since the person lives abroad, perhaps International law would applicable. Hope this helps!

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Last Updated on: Fri, 8 Jun 2018

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