i recently lost my job and have been living off of unemployment. after a month or two i couldnt make a payment because i didnt have it. along with rent and had to move out. twenty days or so later after due date of 65 dollar payment i recieved a bill or notice stating that i had already recieved $190 in late fees on top of my existing total due. i am now into the second month late and still dont really dont have enough still. i wanted to make sure it is legal for them to do that. i remember agreeing to 65 dollars a month but dont recall much about fees especially to that extent which exceeds the total due per month just dont seem fair even as a contract. yet everything ive done with them has been verbal phone calls for dispute wich they removed a bill but im not sure were it was applied to. what can i do to stop this financial burden from making itself worse and more than original monthly agreement. plus all i get when i make a payment in person is a reciept with no total or anything so i havent a clue whats been applied where. anyways i would appreciate it greatly if you could help me take the right action here because i havent a clue what to do if i dont have the payment then their fees are costing me in fees in two months than ive payed in total in four to six months
Thank you
jeffrey stinson

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You're really in a bad situation. But don't lose hope. You can overcome it.

Jeffrey, do one thing. Send a debt validation letter to this collection agency first. This will give you an idea about the total money you owe. And, please interact with them in writing only.

As per the FDCPA law, a collection agency has to validate your debt. This will give you an idea how much you actually owe. They can charge a late fee. But $200 seems too much.

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