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How you wish you could throw your debts into that bin and get rid of them forever! But you cannot! You wake up every morning with a depressing feeling and increased load of debts on your shoulders. Debts cannot be erased like just like that. You need proper planning, rational budgeting, a little b
Tax debts could be a real cause of worry when you default on your tax payments. Escaping the clutches of the IRS is not quite easy. Now if you are wondering how to deal with your mounting tax debts amidst your crippling finances, then an installment agreement would solve your problem. An inst
Do not consolidate credit card debt with a home equity loan/line. It can be tempting --- the rates are usually lower, and the interest may be tax deductible. However, home equity loans are secured debt, while credit card debts are usually unsecured. If you do not pay an unsecured debt - you have a b
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