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We talk about debts and discuss how to get rid of them for long hours. But we tend to over look a very vital question- If a debtor dies, what will happen to his debts? We, the lovers of life dread the appalling thought of death. So we choose not to ponder over what might happen to our debts if we di
Your finances are dilapidated! Debts have taken a mighty toll on your life and finally you have filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy with a hope to get your debts discharged. Yet there is a little tension that is lingering at the back of your mind. What if your petition gets dismissed? It is indeed
You are entangled in insurmountable debts and all the debt solution options have failed to work in your favor. So, now the last resort and the only rational solution you are left with is bankruptcy of course! But the estimated cost involved in bankruptcy seems far beyond your budget. How you wis
There are thousands of American customers who are drowning in debts, and want to deliberately come out through a good settlement company. It becomes difficult to resist if there is an advertisement on board that they can pay only 50% of what they actually owe! It is even difficult to say as to how m
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